Creating a romantic mood for LED lighting

In my previous blog, I wrote about the importance of understanding the basics of CCT and CRI. There have been comments in our experience such as LED lighting is harsh and has no character, unlike traditional lighting.

Before I continue, see how our team at Ezzolights has created romantic ambience using 2400K CCT Osram Oslon Square LEDs and paired with Jung KNX / Rotary dimmers at Soori Bali, Indonesia.

No product is perfect. It is like every material or product or about living, there is the good and bad about LED lighting. A similar saying is: “A bad workman blames his tools”.

So, how can we start creating that warm ambience using LED lighting?

Notice the light bulbs above. Both the Philips and Halogen are warm white but compared to the 2400K CCT cozy warm bulb, which one would be more suited to create that cozy romantic ambience?

So to create warmth, it does not just mean buying LED lights which are Warm White. In this aspect, a LED light labelled as Warm White normally is not nearly as warm when compared to traditional lighting. Be specific in the CCT range which you want, and that is around 2700K CCT.

Going to the next step, to make it as real as possible, get as high a CRI LED light as possible. Realistically anything above CRI > 80 is fine. Enhance the ambience with wood as furniture and fittings around the room. Or pair the lighting with warm pastel painted walls.

Compare light ambient difference between 3000K CCT Warm White to 2400-2600K CCT Cozy Warm

First on the list (to be shared over several blogs), is to request for cosy warm LED lights which are in the range of 2400-2600K CCT with a CRI > 80. Yes, there are such candle colour LEDs but you have to know what to ask for. Many light stores may not be aware of such a colour. Worse is that not all 2400-2600K CCT LEDs are the same because of the CIE colour matching (there is more to it than just this). I would suggest sticking to lights using Osram and Nichia LEDs. These may cost more but compare the difference in creating that romantic feel. Most lights in the market do not have this CCT and really you have to request for it. There are non-branded LED manufacturers offering 2400-2700K CCT but do be careful as it may look more sickly yellow than warm, making your room design feel affected by jaundice, metaphorically writing. is not just selling lights but we are solution integrator to help you create the right ambience and lighting for your room and building.

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