Efflorescence removal and prevention with FIXTile

When it comes to house rebuild. Many had confused with all the documents and things that needed to take notes to avoid any problems in the future.

What is efflorescence?
Efflorescence is often seen as the stubborn white residue which just won’t go away. There are several ways to remove efflorescence. You can scrub it or use vinegar and borax, mix into a paste apply onto the efflorescence and scrub it out later.

FIXTile Singapore Efflorescence removal prevention service

FIXTile uses a safe and very effective (as you can see from the real life video), method of removing those stubborn white residue on your tiles and prevent it to form again. After the initial light scrubbing, you will have to let it dry and check for missed out residue. If all is removed, and you let it be, sometimes, it may return within days later. A case of being back to square one. How is this so? Salt petering is the reason for the return of efflorescence. How do we prevent it from coming back?

FIXTile treatment ensures that it stays away for a long long time. Step 2 in out two step approach, is a form of deep sealing of the pores on the surface of the tiles. Water can evaporate (and will form water droplets after treatment) but the salt remains beneath the surface of the tiles. The surface of the tile then forms a hydrophobic layer. That repels water and prevents it from entering the tiles.

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