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Razum International Singapore School Renovation

This renovation is for an enrichment school catering to children from ages 6-9 years old. The school aims to provide a holistic play concept for children. The school is located at 1 Kay Siang Road. It is where the old Ministry of Education was situated.

Our work scope covers:

  1. Laying a foundation cement screed including levelling compound
  2. Laying of a new wiring for lighting, air-conditioning system for the class rooms, emergency lighting and exit lighting
  3. Submission and compliance testing to CP5 and EMA standards, and to ensure successful electrical turn on for 150Amp MCM and meter switchboard. Ensure compliance with ELR and SI Testing
  4. Preparation and submission for SCDF fire safety requirement compliance. Reviewing the various rules to ensure safety of the school
  5. Supply and installation of safety film to for additional protection of glass windows
  6. Erection of partition walls for the various classrooms with soundproofing
  7. Supply and installation of glass doors and glass windows
  8. Laying of vinyl flooring
  9. Painting works
  10. Supply and installation of new air conditioning systems for the class rooms and main reception room

Work In Progress

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