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Free yourself from the nagging heat due to your malfunctioning airconditioner and keep it well-maintained all-year round with our airconditioning services.

Top-up Gas

Top up R410 gas for inverter unit and top up R22.

Top Up Inverter Aircon Gas (includes free transport up to 12000BTU)


Inspection & Cleaning

Inspection and cleaning of air filter/fan coil cover and louvers. Servicing/maintenance of air-con unit, cleaning of drain pan and flushing of drainage pipes, checking for any leak and chemical cleaning.


Normal Cleaning
(2-3 FCU includes free transport up to 12000BTU)

1 FCU- $40
2 FCU- $50
3 FCU- $69

Chemical Cleaning
(All includes free transport up to 12000BTU)

1 FCU- $150
2 FCU- $240
3 FCU- $300

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Experience Professionals

Our team is composed of professional staff with experience in small and large-scale projects, so you will be assured you get the best service.


Our experienced electricians use quality materials and are compliant to industry safety standards.

24/7 Handyman Service

We have a 24/7 Emergency Handyman hotline to help you with sudden repair emergencies. Call us at 91882350.

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