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Save yourself from the hassle of searching for different service provider for each chore. Take advantage of our one-stop cleaning and moving services for residential and commercial setting so you can allot your time on more important tasks. Our team is experienced with helping expatriates and citizens moving into new homes, ensuring a smooth process all throughout.

Weekly Cleaning

Scheduled cleaning which includes floor cleaning, furniture dusting, dish washing, rubbish removal, laundry, kitchen cleaning, window and grille cleaning (up to man’s height).

HDB Size Weekly
3-room $12/hr
4-room $15/hr
5-room $18/hr
5-room EC $20/hr


Condo Size Weekly
Studio $12/hr
3-room $15/hr
4-room $18/hr
5-room $20/hr

Ad-Hoc Cleaning

On-demand general cleaning which includes door and gate, balcony, bathroom, floor, kitchen, furniture exterior (including empty kitchen shelves), cabinet interior, glass surface (mirrors and sliding doors), etc.

HDB Size Price
3-room $25/hr
4-room $30/hr
5-room $33/hr
5-room EC $36/hr


Condo Size Price
Studio $25/hr
3-room $30/hr
4-room $33/hr
5-room $36/hr

Post Reno Cleaning

Service includes cleaning and disinfecting the rooms from floors, furniture to surfaces. This will involve toilet, living room, kitchen, bedroom, debris disposal and other related chores.

HDB Size Post-renovation*
3-room From $249/session
4-room From $269/session
5-room From $299/session
5-room EC From $349/session


Condo Size Post-renovation*
Studio From $269/session
3-room From $299/session
4-room From $349/session
5-room From $399/session

Terms and Conditions for
Handover/Post Renovation Cleaning

Price quoted in the weFix website is only meant for NORMAL cleaning. Additional charge is required for extra work or use of NEA/AVA approved chemicals. Normal cleaning is the estimated cleaning for 4-5 hours with 2 cleaning staff based on the price table for the size/number of rooms for Condos/HDB. Note that pricing for Condos may vary if the estimated time frame to complete the job to satisfaction will be more than the stated 4-5 hours.

Cleaning shall be done to the best of our ability to ensure the areas specified are clean. Stains, dirt, grease, grime, remnant marks from stationery such as stickers and markers, burnt food remnants and material discoloration that cannot be removed without NEA/AVA approved chemicals or at all possible, is not within the scope of normal cleaning. This includes marks, grime and stains found in and on kitchen equipment such as the refrigerator, oven, hood, cabinets and other furniture, and power outlets/switches. Cleaning is done using household cleaning solutions unless otherwise agreed for NEA/AVA approved chemicals. This shall incur additional costs of special cleaning. Use of NEA/AVA approved chemicals may not restore stained areas to original or acceptable visually clean conditions. Customer agrees that those areas cannot revert to original condition.

Normal work scope does not include removal of numerous marks or remnants of stickers/double sides/blue tack/any type of tapes left behind. This would require additional costs of scrapping off, re-plastering and painting.

Additional specialised services for handover cleaning:

  1. Removal of grime/grease/dirt from hob, hood, and other kitchen equipment.
  2. Removal of grime/grease from tiles on walls and flooring.
  3. Removal of mould and fungal growth.
  4. Removal of rust marks from walls and flooring.
  5. Repainting and plastering of marks/drill holes on walls.
  6. Polishing/removal of scratches from solid surface table tops.
  7. Repair of damaged wooden flooring.

There is additional charge for removal of left behind furniture or, when, our workers are required to shift items before cleaning work may commence. This is charged at $10/hr per worker.

Cleaning of external facade or windows is not within this scope unless otherwise agreed. There is additional charge for cleaning of external façade. Cleaning is only done up to standing height on stool. Hard to reach or internal parts is not part of the cleaning process.

WeFix Sg is only answerable to the paying party. It is required that all interested parties shall be part of a group chat with the owner/agent via WhatsApp. It is agreed that we shall report to all parties should there be defective parts of furniture and household fittings. weFix Sg shall not be liable or payment delayed, for defective items reported or discovered subsequently during and after the cleaning process.

Work areas we mention below are subject to the general T&Cs stated above:

  • Toilets:
  1. Cleaning and disinfect of all toilet bowl, basin and/or bathtub
  2. Wash and wipe clean all wall tiles
  3. Wash and wipe clean all floor titles
  4. Wipe clean mirror and cabinets (internal/external)
  5. Wipe clean internal windows and glass door
  • Kitchen:
  1. Cleaning and disinfect sink and basin
  2. Cleaning of external portion of stove hob and hood.
  3. Wipe clean interior and exterior of all cabinets (empty)
  4. Wash and mop floor. Grime stain on flooring would require additional costs.
  5. Wipe clean all tiled walls and internal windows
  6. Cleaning of refrigerator, oven, washing machine and dryer.
  • Conditional notes for items 2 & 6: General cleaning is only applicable. This does not remove stains in washing machine or grime or burnt food remnants for hood/hob. Special attention cleaning would require additional costs. Approx. special attention cleaning starts from $50 per item. weFix Sg does not guarantee return to original condition.
  • Common areas such as living, bomb shelter and dining room
  1. Vacuum and mop floor
  2. Cleaning of all fans, lights, internal windows and internal glass doors. Reachable height 2.3m. Rust condition of fans cannot be removed.
  3. Vacuum and wipe roller blinds
  4. Cleaning of all cabinets/ TV console. (Items left behind shall be moved to one drawer)
  5. Wash and clean balcony (if any)
  • Bedroom
  1. Vacuum and mop floor
  2. Wipe clean all wardrobes (Items left behind shall be moved to one drawer)
  3. Wipe clean internal windows and doors
  4. Vacuum and wipe roller blinds
  5. Wipe clean all switches

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