Found scratches on glass surface?

Vandalism or graffiti scratches on your window?
Thinking of replacing your damage glass but tight on budget and time?


Our glass scratch repair and glass polishing service is your solution. We can come to your site to work on any size of glass as long as the scratch is reachable to restore the glass back to its brand NEW look. We are trained in scratch repair and glass polishing and we’ll give you our full glass restoration services. We only repair scratches on glass surface. We do not repair broken glasses.

Save your glass and save on replacement costs associated with buying a new one and contracting for its installation!

No job too big or too small for us.

Applicable to any kinds of glass surface within our reach

Glass Door Condominium
Glass Windows
Glass Roof
Shower Screen
Glass Wall
Glass Floor

Why Choose WeFix?

As Good As New

Our team can restore your scratched glass to its brand new look

Save time and budget

We save you time and budget of ordering a new glass

High level of workmanship

Our team is trained to carefully eliminate scratches and to polish your damaged glass to its new look

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