Tips on Creating the Right Pelmet or Cove Lighting Ambience

Pelmet or cove lighting is widely used to create ambience for homes, malls, hotels and restaurants. Typically used are LED light strips of various colour and brightness. Tech talk: Mostly SMD 2835 or SMD 5050 30 LED or 60 LED per meter strips.

The light throw is one observation you should be aware of. See the image above. It was part of the Ezzogenics Jurong Point Mall LED light retrofit project in Singapore. The edges of the light throw is gradual and smooth. It is not sharp and defined. You should not want it sharp and defined. It is like additional lines across your lovely ceiling.

Notice the jagged lighting lines? Like above the brand OSIM, it is like a mini light wave. How can we rectify that? Often it may be hard as the placement of the LED strip in the cove itself maybe tedious (something your electrician has done and is reluctant to re-do) or super challenging because of the unevenness inside the cove itself.

One simple way is to apply a masking tape over the LED strip. Be careful though, one should use 3M’s masking tapes from the 201+ series. And no, I am not promoting 3M for a fee. It is that 3M masking tapes have certified temperature ratings from 93 deg Celsius (way above the surface temperature of LED strips). Other cheaper brands often do not state any temperature UL certification.

So basically what masking tape does is to act like a frosted surface cover breaking up the “harshness” of LED lighting and giving it a warm glow. This may have the effect of creating a warmer feel depending on the selected matching between LED strips and masking tape like the one from the image above which is from Ezzogenics project at The Oasis Apartment in Singapore.

Do try it and feedback 🙂

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